Our Concept

The concept behind Hinkali&Co is inspired by culinary and artistic elements of countries of Central Asia. The love of the varied culture  and food from these parts of the world and desire to bring it to Europe has set us on the path of entrepreneurship. Countless legends and stories, ancient poems and songs are our inspiration.

The founders are continuously searching for indigenous recipes and cooking techniques from Central Asia. They combine what they learn with Western cuisine to bring more inspired dishes to their community.

We are very excited to bring you something new and exotic for private or corporate catering, cooking workshops and parties. 

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Who is chopping those tomatoes?

Born and raised in Uzbekistan, former Soviet Union, Heidi immigrated to Paris in her early twenties, where she studied Finance and Accounting. A few years later, a new life started in China, where the family grew, work continued and cooking passion flourished. After 11 years in Asia, it is in Amsterdam that she hangs her pictures. The local vibrant food scene is growing and inspiring, so the desire to share her heritage pushes her to trade her pumps for an apron and so Hinkali&Co is born.

A true Roman, Giada has a deep passion for Italian design and gastronomy, inherited from her family; connoisseurs of tradition, style and good food. After a double degree in Political Science and General Management, she opened furniture stores for Italian brands in Rome, several years later she followed her family to France. Paris provided the opportunity to deepen her understanding and love of Italian, French and international cuisine. Desire to start a food venture with identity and style takes form in Amsterdam and it is with Hinkali&Co that this new adventure starts.


Where to find us?

Since 2018 we are proud partners of WeCanteen Amsterdam (D&B Group), catering to multiple locations throughout Amsterdam and surrounding areas, namely: Tomtom Amsterdam, BinckBank Amsterdam, WTC Amsterdam, Havengebouw Amsterdam, Samsung HQ Schiphol, Asics Europe Hoofsddorp, Raadhuis, CityHall Amstelveen.

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