Our Menu

We bring you a selection of staple dishes from different countries of Central Asia that will take you on a Silk Road journey, an ancient trade route that connected East to West. 


From East...


Uzbek somsas – puff pastry filled with lamb, beef or pumpkin

Mongolian grilled tofu skewers with piquant sauce

Afghan grilled shashlik - spiced beef or lamb skewers with tomato sauce

Grandmother chickpea soup with cumin and paprika

Kazakh sorpa consommé with beef dumplings


Uzbek manti – steamed or pan-fried dumplings with beef, lamb or pumpkin

Samarkand pilaf - beef and carrot pilaf rice with raisins

Persian style rice - pumpkin stuffed with pilaf rice, almonds and raisins

Xibo style stir-fried noodles with seasonal vegetables

Abkhazian spicy meatballs with adjika and yogurt

Caramelized chicken wings with garlic and ginger


Salads and Sides

Tangy koryo carrot salad with cumin and coriander


Radish, cucumber and greens salad

Aubergine rolls with tomatoes, walnuts and feta

Stir-fried cabbage with bacon and chili

Uzbek sweet and sour braised carrots

Uzbek nan - flat bread with sesame

Kyrgiz swirled onion flat bread

... to West

Home made Sweets and Desserts

Panna cotta


Chocolate, Lemon, Coffee Macarons 

Canelés from Bordeaux

Sablé "walnut" cookies with salty dulce de leche and pecan filling


Our Prices

Our catering menu prices range from 15€ to 28 € /pp. We are happy to provide you with a more detailed quote through our contact form here.
We also provide work shops and team building events, please contact us for a quote.